Tesla S Driver Caught Sleeping at the Wheel While car is on Autopilot


Let this video be a reminder of the future that we are living in today. We currently have the technology available to citizens that lets us leave work, take a nap and wake up in front of our homes.


The owner of a Tesla Model S reminded his fellow drivers on a busy freeway how far technology has come by falling asleep at the wheel while his car kept moving down the road. One of the drivers pulled out their cellphone to film the whole scene. The problem is that Tesla isn’t all that confident in the technology yet either. It has built in backup procedures, if the computer isn’t sure that it can drive safely it will slow down and pull over. But since this happened on a straight piece of freeway the Tesla S just kept on going long after the driver became a passenger.

If you saw a car traveling with no driver try not to freak out:


Watch people be amazed at technology in this day and age in the video below: