Stunning Amputee Model

Paola Antonini doesn't let losing a leg slow down her model career.


Paola Antonini France Costa, now 21, lost her leg in a 2014 car accident. Her and her boyfriend were struck by a drunk driver on their way to Rio de Janeiro for New Years Eve.

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Paola’s left leg was completely crushed as a result of the crash. Despite four surgeries attempting to save the leg, doctors recommended that it be amputated to above her knee. After starting rehab doctors realized that the upper half of her leg was a lost cause as well, and needed to be amputated.

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Despite losing parts, Paola became stronger. She embraced her new reality and even started showing it off.

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Taking on her given situation Paola decided to attempt to pave the way for other potential amputee models even stating, “I want to be a model for other amputees.”