Student Takes His Cat to Prom After No Girl Would Go with Him


Being single and unable to find a date for prom is one of the most soul crushing experiences for a lonely high school student, this dude wanted to take that to the next level.

cat date1

Unable to find a date for prom, instead of just staying home and crying himself to sleep, this dude decided to take the lowest road he could. No, he didn’t take his hot cousin, ugly cousin, aunt, mother or sister. This dude decided to take his cat to the dance, even got her a nice little dress to wear. The cat is known as Rubytheprettykitty on Instagram, and being one of the few felines to go to prom her follower base is blowing up.

cat date2

The pictures were posted on Imgur by the guy’s sister, and from there it has spread across the internet. I just hope the guy doesn’t regret this later in life.

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Ruby hanging with the sister:


Majestically sitting in front of the fire place:


Ruby with her prom date:


Ruby meeting the parents:


Getting some much needed rest and relaxation: