What Happens When You Throw Pound of Sodium Metal in the Water?


It’s no mystery that pure sodium has quite the explosive relationship with water, but still doesn’t stop it from being amazing when you witness it.


To get a better idea of why sodium acts the way it does when exposed to water here is a quote from Frostburg.edu: “Sodium has a density of only about 0.97 g/mL, so it floats on water. The reaction produces jets of hydrogen gas below the waterline; this is what propels the sodium around the surface. The reaction releases heat, and as the sodium and the solution warm up, the reaction goes faster and faster. If the sodium gets trapped on the water’s edge or against some other obstacle, enough heat can be generated to boil the water around the metal and actually melt the sodium.”


I want to see how much damage this explosion can actually cause:


You can watch the explosive chemical reaction by hitting the next button below: