Guy Gets 23 Surgeries to Look Like Superman and was Forced to Stop


Ever since he was four years old and saw his first Superman film Herbert Chavez has been overly obsessed with the hero ever since.


It all started simple by wearing the costume and wearing blue contacts. He started using makeup to whiten his skin and then eventually started getting surgeries. He spent almost two years worth of salary to get the look just right. Chavez is now 29-years-old living in Calamba City, Philippines, as a dress designer for Saudi Arabian royalty. By the time he was 22 the small fortune he has amassed has allowed him to pay for all his surgeries.


Chavez was able to get 23 plastic surgeries before the doctors started turning him away before he made himself into a monster. What crossed the line was when Chavez started injecting himself with filler to give himself six pack abs, the doctors were shocked and refused to give into his surgical addiction. The filler he was using is called MesoLipo, the stuff is banned in the US because it has a habit of poisoning the people who use it. He started getting bumps and spot on his skin due to the substance.


Chavez has been recognized by uinness World Records for having the world’s largest Superman memorabilia collection with 1,253 certified items.