Girl Shares Little Brothers Brutal Final Breakup Text To Ex-Girlfriend


Little brother is a bit of savage jerk, after breaking up with his girlfriend through text messages he has the nerve to then ask her for her friend’s number.


Annie Williams wanted the world to see what her little brother put a girl through when he broke up with her in a text message. She screenshotted and uploaded the images to Twitter, when her brother Liam found out he wasn’t very happy about it.This is as disconnected as you can get, after getting called out for hitting on another girl Liam decided not to make drama out of it and let everything out. This wouldn’t be a big deal, the girlfriend was hurt but seemed fine, but then Liam laid on the left hook and asked her for the other girl’s number.

Here is the full text conversation:


Here is a transcript courtesy of Metro:

The exchange went something like this:

Loz: Why was you speaking to Jess today? xxxxxxx

Liam: Cos she’s me mate

Loz: Do you fancy her more than me? xxxxxxxx

Liam: She’s fit like xx

Loz: Does tha mean yeah?Xxxxxxxxxx

Liam: Dunno cba with a relationship though xx

Loz: Do you not want to be with me anymore? Xxxxxxxxxx

Liam: Nah not really sorry xx

Loz: Really Liam why didn’t you say this before? xxxxxxxxx

Liam: Couldn’t be assed with the hassle tbh xx

Loz: Crying face emoji x3 xxxxxxxxxx

Liam: Sorry x

Loz: It’s fine I’ll be okay xxxxxxxx

Liam: Have you got Jess number? x