Drunk Man Jumps Railing to Meet Lion Face to Face


This man wanted to meet one of natures most ferocious killing machines face to face, he’s lucky to be alive to tell the story.


The 35-year-old drunk man jumped into a zoo enclosure at Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad, India, where he got the close encounter with two of the lions inhabiting the area. After jumping the railing and swimming up to the land he was greeted by a lioness who was curious to what had entered their territory. After staring for a while a male lion ran onto the scene and that’s when the man realized he might of messed up.


Luckily one of the zoo handlers was able to jump get into the area and pull the man to safety. After the incident the drunk man said that all he wanted to do was “shake hands” with the lions. He’s probably glad it never came to that.

The drunk dude frantically swimming back to shore:


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