Dating Website Launches to Help Americans Escape a Trump Presidency

The number of American's daring to move out of the country have never been higher.


American’s daring to move out of the country when a presidential candidate that they dislike looks likely to win is nothing new. It’s a threat many use every three to four years depending on the election cycle, but recently Google searches for “move to Canada” have hit record highs.

move to canada

Joe Goldman came up with the perfect solution to this problem, he has started a dating website called that pairs up Canadians who would be willing to take in Americans who want to move just in case Trump actually wins the Presidency of the United States. Goldman says he came up with the idea after watching Trump’s “Super Tuesday” victories back in March.


Since the site launched 4,150 people have signed up so far, with about 70% of them being Canadians willing to save Americans from this political nightmare. If you want to get out before Trump is sworn in you can sign up for the wait list now and hopefully eventually find your Canadian sweetheart.