13 Condom Life Hacks For When You Aren’t Having Sex

13 ways you never would have thought to use condoms.


Here are 13 ways you never would have thought to use condoms!

Electronic protector/Waterproof cover

Source: newbillboardday

Musicians performing in bad weather have at times covered their battery pack using a condom. Also a good option if you are floating or rafting, you can easily trap some air in the condom before you tie it off, making it not only waterproof but sink-proof.


Source: Tumblr

Ever try to put on shoes that are almost too small? Condoms can fix that, with the lubrication and tightness your foot will slide right into that shoe no problem.

Extra Tough Water Balloons (or condom challenge)

Source: rantlifestyle

Tired of those weak water balloons that break before you even have a chance to throw them? Effective use of a condom can fix that! It also allows you to put much more water in per balloon.

Also check out the “condom challenge” on YouTube if you haven’t already. It potentially puts a whole new spin on water balloon fights.