Body Builder Slaps Disabled Fan Who Was Trolling Him Online


There is a lot going on in this situation. Sadly this is what can happened when an online troll makes his way into the real world…

Bodybuilder Rich Piana has created a stir online after footage of him slap boxing a disabled fan was posted online.

Rich and his wife started receiving death threats out of nowhere by the thousands and then this kid shows up to meet Rich at a signing.


A guy named Jason Genova released an ‘order 66’ calling on his online followers to fill Piana and wife Sara’s social media pages with hundreds of abusive messages.

After investigating Piana realised that Jason was the man behind all of the accounts.

He explained:

Then what I figured out is these 100’s of people that will attack others for no reason on social media don’t really exist!! @lordvader25 makes up 100’s of fake accounts and then orders these people “the fake accounts to attack us! He literally is doing all this on his own he does not have 100’s of people that will do whatever he wishes for!! Lol!


Check out how Rich handles the situation: