18 TV Shows That Are Actually Worth The Hype


Jane the Virgin

jane the virgin
Metascore: 80

“The series finds just the right balance, creating a unique place for itself among the current network fare. With its down-to-earth lead character and self-aware, but not self-parodying approach, Jane The Virgin is a breath of fresh air that will hopefully find a strong and loyal fan base.” – Kate Kulzick, The A.V. Club


Metascore: 85

“The result is a sharp, funny, clever series that remains faithful to the spirit of Doyle’s stories while infusing them with a vibrant spirit of modernity.” – Robert Bianco, USA Today


Metascore: 73

“Outlander succeeds admirably, and partly that’s because it follows the bent of both of its creators: It refuses to sit comfortably in any genre.” – Sonia Saraiya, The A.V. Club

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